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You can download a Bitcoin introduction and starter kit here. This starter kit will include a bitcoin paper wallet like the one shown here. The download tool is especially useful if you would like to introduce Bitcoin to someone new.

If you use the 'Unloaded' feature, you will have to transfer the appropriate amount of bitcoin to the wallet before giving to a friend. If you want us to transfer bitcoin to the wallet, you must pay by credit card - some restrictions apply.

Just specify the desired amount to be contained by the wallet, indicate if you would like to include a the gift message: "A generous gift from [Your Name Here]", then click "Get It!". It's that easy®!

Warning! Paper wallets generated here should be treated as a low security system. Do not put large amounts into these paper wallets. While we do not save private keys, you only have our assurance that this is so. Hackers may devise ways to capture keys from this site. Therefore, these wallets are only appropriate for use with small amounts. HyperLink
It's that easy!
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