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This job relates to a project for a bitcoin charity system. We are developing a lightweight POS bitcoin application that can form special purpose bitcoin transactions from QR codes and transmit them into the network.

You will be required to modify the Schildbach Android application for Bitcoin to add some new features and functions. You should already be comfortable with the Android Development Studio and have it already installed and running on your development environment.

To apply for this job and prove you are ready to start, please go to GitHub https://github.com/bitcoin-wallet/bitcoin-wallet and fork the code. Then add a view with 'Hello EasyBitcoin'. Please send the apk to jpage@easybitcoin.us.

Android / BreadwalletDeveloper


Part time

Pay: negotiable

Location: anywhere



We are searching for a volunteer to help us with our efforts on a charity program for Kenya. We will be building networks of communities that are able to receive donations from around the world via the blockchain.

Your primary tasks will include: 1) supporting cooperating regional merchants with software to enable the system whereby they will be able to sell goods in connection with cryptocurrency transactions done on the blockchain.

To apply for this, please send an introduction letter and CV to jpage@easybitcoin.us

Charity Programs Administrator


Part time

Pay: volunteer

Location: Kenya



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