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Blockchain distributed ledger technologies include a remarkable new network that supports a sort of 'electronic cash' or Bitcoin. Bitcoin, while still in its infancy today, is projected to radically change payments, banking, securities trading, and many, many other fields. It does indeed have some attributes that are quite unusual and these attributes are likely to be spun up into remarkable new systems not possible on legacy networks.

The possbile applications are quite numerous and a great deal of very smart people are presently engaged in bringing these new and remarkable technologies forth.

Easy Bitcoin is a technology solutions provider proud to participate in this fast paced remarkable new world of innovation. We are developing a wide array of Bitcoin and blockchain related technologies. While commercial applications remain in the distant future, we have never been more convinced of the impact Bitcoin will have on lives all over the planet. Some of the best applications include those that will help the impovershed persons that have long been abandon by conventional financial and banking systems.

Athough we have no interest in participating in the price speculation that is adored by the popular press, we are quite happy to predict the future will yield many innovative and life-changing products. Rest assured, many very good and hard working entrepreneurs are busy with efforts to bring this about now.

If you would like to learn more about some of the technologies we are working on, please have a look at our in-house technology pages. If you'd like to learn more about the the entire community, then we recommend the following popular websites: bitcoin.org; wikipedia; Bitcoin Charts; Reddit;
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